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About us

why I created gymyouth



My mission is to create a big community full of young gymrats who are willing to become fit and stop wasting their time going out, drinking, smoking, and doing drugs.

I thought that everyone who would want the same can represent themselves with clothing of gymyouth.

Help each other, grow together


Why did I choose prodigy as the first collection name?

That's because, prodigy means wonder child, and everyone can become his/her own wonder child, so I want to send a message with this collection to everyone that they can become who they want to be if they go for it and are willing to put the work in.



At the end of every year, I will donate 1% of all the income to a charity you can choose.

At the end of every year, I will post a poll on my Instagram story, so you can choose to which charity I need to donate the 1% income.

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